Meet Our New Zone Manager: Katie Paul

Katie Paul joined Freshway four years ago as a production associate, peeling and dicing onions. She has since worked packing product, operating various cutting equipment, and in other areas of production. After completing our crew leader training program, Katie was promoted to Zone Manager for our second shift operations team.

Katie has found that the complexity of her day has increased with her new role. “In my previous role as a crew leader, I had that responsibility, and I ran a machine, so I had to perform two roles at once,” she explains. “Now, I have ten things to do at once, and I am also learning our computer applications, so it is very fast-paced,” she adds.

She credits her past experiences at Freshway with preparing her to lead as a zone manager. “I know how to set up and run all of the equipment in our specialties area, so when associates need help, I am right there,” she says, “I know how to keep everything moving.”

Freshway’s crew leader training program helped Katie develop some of the skills she will need as a new manager. “We conducted job interviews, which was a new skill for me,” she explains. “We also worked with new associates, making sure they understood our procedures and helping them become productive members of our team,” she adds.

Working at Freshway has enabled Kate to achieve her career goals. “When I was in school, I never really had a specific job in mind, but I knew I wanted a job where I could work hard and feel good about my efforts,” she says. “At Freshway, I have that kind of job, and for me to be able to succeed in this industry makes me feel good about myself,” she adds.

Katie has been pleasantly surprised by how her fellow associates have responded to her promotion. “Everyone looks at me differently now,” she explains, “and that makes me feel proud of my accomplishments.”

She is very excited about the opportunity to lead at Freshway. “I am having fun and it is exciting to learn new things,” she says. “I am working at a whole new level, and that is what I enjoy.”

Katie’s new role shows that hard work pays off at Freshway. “If you work really hard, you can get somewhere, and Freshway pushes you to grow and expand your skills,” she explains. “I am proof that when you invest in your associates, it really pays off,” she adds.

Originally from Wapakoneta, Katie and her wife currently live in Sidney. In her free time, Katie enjoys spending time with her family and hanging out at her parents’ farm.