Freshway Drivers Honored

Freshway Foods recently held a driver appreciation event, where we honored our professional truck drivers for service to the company and safe driving. We inducted six drivers into our prestigious Million Mile Club: Bryan Fisher, Tracey Howard, Rick Keith, Albert Land, Mel Mathison, and Jeff Stroh.

Bryan Fisher, Rick Keith, Mel Mathison, and Jeff Stroh

Becoming a member of the Million Mile Club is an impressive accomplishment for any driver. To put that number in perspective, consider that the circumference of the earth is just under 25,000 miles. This means that our Million Mile Club drivers have driven the equivalent of 40 trips around the earth!  One million miles is also equal to approximately 180 round trips between New York City and Los Angeles, or two trips to the moon and back. We are very proud of our drivers and their commitment to safety.

Herb Donahue, who was previously inducted in the Million Mile Club, achieved 1.25 million safe driving miles.

Devon Beer, Herb Donahue and Dan Stegall

We recognized two drivers for reaching the milestone of 750,000 safe driving miles: Bob Black and Frank Counts.

Devon Beer, Bob Black, Frank Counts and Dan Stegall

Nine drivers were honored for achieving 500,000 safe driving miles: Ray Davenport, Scott Farber, Jeff Herford, Jim Howard, Charlie Knous, Kevin Lane, Gary Lengerich, Mike Watson, and Mike Weeks.

Dan Stegall, Charlie Knous, Gary Lengerich, Mike Watson, Ray Davenport, Jeff Herford, Jim Howard, and Devon Beer

Two drivers were honored for reaching the 250,000 safety milestone: Frank Amore and Jim Butler.

Devon Beer, Jim Butler and Dan Stegall

Three of our drivers were honored for achieving their five year milestone with Freshway: Randy Owings, Scott Farber and Jim Howard.

Devon Beer, Jim Howard and Dan Stegall

The drivers not shown in the photos above were on the road, safely delivering our fresh produce to customers.

Please join us in congratulating our drivers for achieving these safe driving and service milestones!

If you are interested in joining our team of professional drivers, please call us at 937-498-4664, or you can apply online at