Rainbow Carrot Cauliflower Salad

According to a new article from The Produce News, cauliflower and carrots are poised to become the next hot products in the culinary world. Chef Jet Tila and Chef Gary Ludwig presented on these and other trending produce items at a “What’s Hot” session at the PMA Foodservice Expo in Monterey, California. Both chefs championed vegetable-centric cuisine, where the vegetables are the star of the dish, with meat as an accompaniment or garnish.

At Freshway, we are big fans of vegetable-centric cuisine, and we are big fans of carrots and cauliflower. We feature these versatile vegetables in many of our fresh deli salad kits and grab n go salads. Carrots add color and sweetness, along with vitamin A and beta-carotene for healthy vision. Cauliflower adds texture and crunch, as well as fiber for digestive health and choline to boost brain health.

Freshway’s Rainbow Carrot Cauliflower Salad features these two superfoods, which provide a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals in addition to tasting great. This salad features sweet and crunchy rainbow carrots with savory and crisp cauliflower and red cabbage, complemented by mild green onion, creamy and mild provolone cheese and a Sweet Onion Dressing with a hint of smoke.

For more information about our Rainbow Carrot Cauliflower Salad, or to place an order, contact your Freshway Foods sales representative.

Ready for Spring!

Spring officially begins this Friday. Hooray! We are ready for birds singing in the trees, flowers blooming, and most importantly, no more snow! There is somethingmap for dan about Spring that just makes you want to break out into your happy dance.

Spring has another meaning at Freshway: the transition from Yuma to the Salinas Valley. Lettuce, romaine, and other leafy greens, as well as broccoli and cauliflower, are grown in Yuma, Arizona from November to March, and in the Salinas Valley, California from April to October.

During the transition period, the product in the field is susceptible to quality issues caused by temperatures that are too hot or too cold, damage from ice or rain, and other influences.

The good news is that transition, like Spring, is right around the corner. The transition to the Salinas Valley will start as early as March 23 for some commodities, and will be complete by April 6 for all commodities.