It’s Hot Out There

Your customers are looking for a fresh, healthy way to beat the heat!

With fresh-cut fruit from Freshway Foods, you get hand-cut quality without the labor. Our fruit is 100% usable product, with no additional cutting or cleaning required.
Available in a variety of commodities, cut sizes and packs, Freshway’s cut fruit is the perfect side dish on a hot summer day.
Add fresh fruit to your breakfast and salad bar for a fresh, healthy treat your customers will love.

Looking for healthy side options for kids’ meals? Fresh fruit is the option that both moms and kids love!

Fresh-cut Honeydew

Cool down with fresh-cut cantaloupe and honeydew

An excellent source of Vitamins A & C, cantaloupe is about 90 percent water, and also contains electrolytes from sugars, which can make it an ideal snack on a hot day.

An excellent source of Vitamin C and a good source of potassium, refreshing honeydew can help you stay hydrated when the temperatures are rising.

Additional commodities are available.

For more information about fresh-cut fruit from Freshway Foods or to place an order, contact your Freshway sales representative. 



New Spring/Summer Fresh Deli Salads

Spring is right around the corner, and we are excited to introduce our new Spring/Summer Fresh Deli Salads! These new fresh deli salad kits contain all ingredients to make a fresh salad in-house, and feature on-trend ingredients and flavors.

Sunny Orange Kale Salad


Hearty kale, cauliflower and savory green onions with sweet crunchy rainbow carrots, mild juicy cucumber and nutty quinoa. Tossed in a fruity and refreshing tangy orange vinaigrette.

Farro Tabouleh

74935 Farro Tabouli

Nutty farro and refreshing, cooling cucumber and tomato. Tossed with herbaceous parsley and a sweet and tart lemon herb vinaigrette.

Italian Garden Couscous

74936 Italian Garden Couscous

Bright and refreshing flavors of fresh, juicy cucumber and tomato, savory red and green pepper, red cabbage and red onion, paired with protein-packed chickpeas and sweet corn. Tossed in a mildly tart lemon herb vinaigrette.

Sesame Ginger Quinoa


A hearty and crunchy slaw of green and red cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, broccoli and kale, paired with nutty quinoa and sunflower seeds. Tossed in an Asian-inspired sesame ginger vinaigrette.

Luau Fruit Salad


Tropical pineapple and coconut with sweet, juicy red grapes and mandarin oranges, accented by crunchy apples and airy marshmallows. Lightly tossed in a smoky BBQ sauce.

BBQ Bacon Apple Salad


Hearty kale and red cabbage with sweet crunchy apples, paired with savory red onion and smoky bacon. Tossed in a sweet and smokey BBQ-infused onion vinaigrette.

Broccoli, Blue Cheese & Grape Slaw


Sweet, juicy red grapes and bold, creamy blue cheese paired with crunchy broccoli, carrot and red cabbage slaw and nutty quinoa. Tossed in a sweet and smoky sweet onion vinaigrette.

Salads in Seconds

Fresh deli salad kits from Freshway Foods will save you time and money without sacrificing freshness, taste, and quality. Packaged in components that you quickly assemble in-store, our fresh salad kits complete a meal in just minutes!

  • Packed to order to ensure fresh product upon delivery
  • Each kit contains all ingredients to make a complete deli salad
  • Saves time and labor – no additional cutting or cleaning required
  • Uniform weight for controlled cost per salad
  • Consistent quality and ingredients
  • Reduces potential for cutting injuries
  • Our salad dressings contain NO trans fats

We offer an extensive selection of salads to appeal to a wide audience; from classic deli salads to gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, superfood and vegan salads, Freshway offers something for everyone. Contact your Freshway sales representative for more information.