Meet Our New Information Systems Tech: Philip Fischbach

Meet our new Information Systems Technician: Philip Fischbach

We are pleased to introduce you to one of the newest members of our team. Philip is responsible for overseeing our systems, administering our network, and keeping our technology infrastructure running efficiently. He also supports our ERP and Logistics software programs.

Philip has always been interested in technology. “My parents have fond memories of me at five or six years old, playing on their Windows 98 computer,” he says. “Technology is an ever evolving environment,” he adds. “I can remember Windows 3.1, which was DOS-based, and you had to insert a floppy disk in order to operate the computer. Look at how far we have come since then.”

Philip enjoys working with people, and his job at Freshway gives him the opportunity to work in many areas of technology. “Some technology graduates go into programming, but that is a very narrow track,” he says. “I enjoy the different aspects of technology, and at Freshway I have the opportunity to be involved in many different projects, from software to hardware and everything in between” he adds.

Philip is enjoying working in the fast-paced produce industry. “It is interesting to watch raw produce come into our plant, and in just a few minutes, it is transformed into a salad blend or other finished product ready to go out to our customers,” he explains.

Philip is excited to be part of Team Freshway. “I look forward to working with everyone to move the company forward,” he says, “this is a very exciting and fresh opportunity for me.” Philip is committed to providing the best possible service in his new role. “I will be a bright, shining face for everyone when they come to me for a hand,” he explains.

Prior to joining Team Freshway in Septemper, Philip worked as Project Analyst for Amos Media Company. He graduated from Urbana University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with an emphasis on systems and network administration. Philip has also complete VMWare certification.

Please join us in welcoming Philip to his new role!