Meet Our New Customer Service Representative: Tabatha Cooper

Meet our new Customer Service Representative, Tabatha Cooper!

Tabatha joined Team Freshway in April. Her responsibilities include order entry, communicating with customers, running sales reports and working with other members of the team to ensure our customers receive the highest level of service.

Prior to joining Freshway, Tabatha worked as a mail carrier for the U.S. Post Office. “I walked 18 miles a day, and had to keep up a pace of 3 miles per hour in order to get through the route on-time every day,” Tabatha says.

When Tabatha saw the ad for the Customer Service position at Freshway, she thought that it sounded like an ideal opportunity, and she turned to her friend Chris Reason, Zone Manager at Freshway, to find out more about the company. “Chris and I worked together in the past, at Lowes. He told me that Freshway is a great company,” Tabatha explains. “It was the combination of an ideal position and positive feedback from a Freshway associate that led me to apply,” she adds.

Tabatha enjoys the family atmosphere at Freshway, and working for a company where every associate matters. “I have worked at companies where no one in management knew your name,” she says. “Here at Freshway, that is not the case. From the top down, everyone here treats everyone else equally.”

Tabatha enjoys working in a position where she can have a positive impact. “Customer Service is the front line with the customer, because our communication with the customer is how they view the company,” she explains.

She has high hopes for the fresh produce industry. “We are coming into the health generation, where everyone is focused on eating healthy,” she says. “Restaurants are adding healthier options, like the fresh-cut produce we make at Freshway,” she adds.

Tabatha studied computers and multi-media design at Edison State Community College. She has served as a coach for Sidney Soccer for the past 7 years, and has helped train students to become future coaches.  Tabatha is Autism-certified by the state of Ohio. She likes to read, garden and play video games.

Tabatha lives in Sidney with three children.

Please join us in welcoming Tabatha to Team Freshway!